What We’re Up To – Build 77

Here we share some photos of what we’ve been up to lately, including planting out new beds, gardening, landscaping, and constructing gardens from our garden designs. What we’re up to – Build 77 in Brighton involved a fairly simple design but a whole lot of work to change levels and create a flat area for entertaining and playing games with the little ones.

Getting a digger up the steep and narrow slope alongside the house was an engineering feat in itself!

What We're Up To - Build 77
Build 77 – A new build begins… A larger patio and a new flat lawn is required!
What We're Up To - Build 77
Build 77 – Digger work nearly completed
What We're Up To - Build 77
Concrete pump truck is here to fill the footings
What We're Up To - Build 77
Footings laid
What We're Up To - Build 77
Block laying in progress
What We're Up To - Build 77
Mud, glorious mud!
Wall finished and lawn laid
Rendering scratch coat done & starting to take shape now
Stepping stones!
Rendering well under way – Cannot wait to paint & pave!
Finished! – paving & painting completed – We’re hopeful a planting scheme will follow

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