Plants & Places – June

Our plants & places blog is where you’ll find our favourite plants and our favourite places to go and see plants, and a whole lot more…June is the month we’ve been waiting for, the sun is shining and the flowers are singing…


Ceanothus Singing!

It can look a little uninteresting until it flowers, but then it really sings!… Try the ‘Lemon and Lime’ cultivar for more interesting variegated leaves. There are cultivars available that flower spring to summer, or late summer to autumn, so choose one that gives you the colour when you need it. This one is in need of a little love and re-shaping but now is the time to enjoy the show, not for pruning.

Lamium maculatum ‘White Nancy’

‘White Nancy’

One of our firm favourites for a shady spot, the ‘White Nancy’ cultivar is a great ground cover plant that sings in summer.

Allium ‘Giganteum’

Glorious Allium’s

Allium ‘Giantuem’ pop against a green backdrop!

Clematis ‘Polish Spirit’

Add some wow to a shady area with ‘Polish Spirit’

We’ve had great success with Clematis ‘Polish Spirit’ in partial shade areas – It’s vigorous grower and works well on a wall along trellis or along a fence. We’re personally not so keen on the trend to grow through a tree or other shrub as this climber needs it’s own space to wow you with it’s fantastic flowers!

Acer ‘Going Green’

Going Green!

An Acer ‘Going Green’ showing off in one of our Japanese inspired garden builds.