What We’re Up To

What we’re up to – Here we share some just of the work been up to most recently, including planting out new beds, gardening, landscaping, and constructing gardens from our garden designs.

What we’re up to – A very small courtyard in central Brighton in need of some planting areas for a splash of colour and an uplifted ground level on a budget. Storage was required and given space was at a premium we raised the beds off the ground to help make the space feel larger and also to allow for under-bed storage. 4 storage shelves were created, which provided a surprisingly large amount of space to hide tools and materials away…

No where to plant out to add a splash of colour and interest, and a dark & dowdy ground level
Bespoke raised beds constructed, lined and filled. Deeper corner feature is ready for prised Acer. Relatively inexpensive shingle laid to lift the area and provide a link to the local beach!
Under-bed storage easily slides in and out of the in-built shelves

What we’re up to – A garden in Shoreham in need of a luscious lawn and gravelled seating & entertaining area…

Lawn required!… plus general tidying, topping up plant beds & properly planting out & feeding
Beds topped up & planted, lawn edging laid, and the all important soil preparation with quality top-soil from our favourite supplier, Heritage
Lawn laid and ready for top-dressing (to help knit it all together), and weed membrane & gravel laid

What we’re up to – Garden Clearances are a staple for us, where a client is having trouble knowing where to start and in need of a ‘blank canvas’ to entice them to play!…

Before – we could see why this was so daunting
After, and one very happy and excited client!

If you like what you see and have a similar requirement feel free to contact us. If you’re not sure what services we offer click here.