Soft Landscaping

  • The hard landscaping provides the ‘bones’ of the garden and once in place it is then time to move onto the soft landscaping.
  • Soft landscaping is the living part of your garden and includes the planting of trees, shrubs and architectural plants.
  • It reveals and highlights the beauty of a garden design.
  • It softens the hard-landscaping elements and gives a sense of flow and direction.
  • The trees and larger shrubs give structure, height and perspective, whilst the under planting gives shape, colour and texture, along with fragrance.
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  • Specific details regarding Plant & Tree Supply, Turfing and Wildlife Gardening are included below…

Plant & Tree Supply

  • Recommending and supplying plants, as well as planting them out, is a key part of our service.
  • We maintain our own modest stock and also have strong working relationship with the best local nurseries.
  • Our team quality check all plants and stock and only supply and plant the best specimens.
  • We also supply bulbs for spring flower displays. Ask us about our potted bulb lasagne for a continuous display throughout the spring!
  • Additionally, we can supply materials such as compost, topsoil, pots and planters.


  • There is nothing more satisfying than the instant transformation of your garden with a new, thriving and lush lawn.
  • We recommend and supply turfs to suit all needs, including ornamental, sports and wildflower.
  • The best time to lay a lawn is autumn/winter (as long as the ground is not frozen); water is plentiful and deciduous trees have lost their leaves and allow maximum sunlight to penetrate to the turf.
  • It is possible to lay in spring/summer but there is the environmental impact, cost and time of watering to consider.
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Wildlife Gardening

  • We can help you maximize the wildlife potential of your garden and this is something we’re passionate about at Green Goose gardens.
  • Gardens are rich in biodiversity, meaning they have a key role in helping protect species and habitat.
  • They can help negate the impact of loss of green space to development, climate change and the paving over of gardens for parking.
  • If you encourage nature in your garden, wildlife can enrich your life as you observe and enjoy it.
  • This doesn’t necessarily need to involve a full re-design and can be achieved by reviewing what you already have and increasing the diversity of plants in your garden
  • We can help by adding plants with particularly beneficial value to wildlife
  • Adding wildflower seed, turfs and meadows is also of benefit.
  • Ponds are one of the greatest assets for wildlife in the garden, especially with decline of ponds in the countryside. They provide drinking & bathing for birds, and areas for reproduction for the likes of frogs.
  • We can help you improve or create habitats by creating ponds, woodland or bog areas, adding nesting boxes for declining species such as House Sparrows, replacing fences with hedges, or adding a green, living roof to a shed or garage. 

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Soft Landscaping