Turfing is often the final element of our builds and is something that adds the final touch…

  • Preliminary site clearance
    • We clear the surface of weeds, old turf, plants, debris, rocks and stones. We can also remove any hard surfaces, such as decking, pavers and slabs.
  • Levelling
    • We include site levelling as required and will add or remove soil to level any uneven patches or reduce the gradient of a slope.
    • We will reuse existing materials where we can and can also add retaining walls on sloped land to create flat idaho’s.
  • Adding topsoil
    • The levelled ground should generally be covered with a layer of topsoil for optimum root establishment.
  • Turf laying
    • Turf rolls are laid, without gaps and off-set from one another to obtain a uniform look and feel.
  • Lawn edging
    • Edges are formed to achieve an aesthetic result that fits with the rest of your garden features – flower beds, rockeries or patio.
    • We can also supply and install various types of border edging to keep the edges neat and tidy.
  • Rest
    • A newly laid lawn will need to be kept well-watered and off-limits for a minimum of 3 weeks.

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Recently laid lawn, ready for top dressing