Plants & Places – March

Our plants & places blog is where you’ll find our favourite plants and our favourite places to go and see plants, and a whole lot more…March is the winter month where glimpses of spring start to pop up!.


Spring is on the way!

Daffodils look fab at Sheffield Park and Garden


Sure Sign of Spring

Magnolia popping up at Nymans

Seasonal Jobs - March


Cut away some leaves on Hellebores now to allow room for the flowers to pop in early spring.

Crocus in the Lawn

Winter Flowering Blanket

Simply plant crocus bulbs in your lawn between September to November for dramatic effect in early spring.



Nymans is amazing this time of year and is a great place for some fresh air and a good walk!

Stanmer Park Trees

Stanmer Park

Stanmer Park is a fabulous place to talk a stroll but mind the falling trees! The wind has taken it’s toll on the park although there is a certain kind of beauty in the extra canopy across the pathways. It’s been awarded a Green Flag now, so it’s officially recognised as one of the best parks in Brighton & Hove, and the country!  

Viburnam tinus ‘Lisa Rose’

Viburnam tinus

A versatile shrub for March flowering interest. There are lots of cultivars available to suit various needs and they can be grown as a shrub or a standard tree for architectural form.

Camelia japonica ‘Snowball’


Camelia ‘Snowball’ and many other cultivars will bring joy in to March. They’ll bloom from the tail end of winter right into early spring. They can suffer a little winter burn and/or frost damage so it’s best to choose one in person at the garden centre in later winter so you can be sure to select one that’s right for your area.



A great little plant for winter interest but highly susceptible to slug and snail attack! Plant en masse to help combat, and for dramatic effect. We try not to use pest control products but if need something use an environmentally one such as Neudorff : Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer