Green Aspirations

What we do

  • Upcycling – Wherever possible we will always do our best to upcycle and reuse existing plants and landscaping materials within our designs.
    • For example, we have refurbished sheds, summer houses and greenhouses rather than supplying new.
  • Chemicals – We always endeavour to minimise our use of chemicals and instead look towards organic or environmentally friendly alternatives.
    • We also instead get results through sheer hard work and persistence!
  • Biodiversity – We look towards introducing biodiversity within the micro habitat of your garden to combat pests and disease.
  • Composting
    • When creating a design or providing advice for your garden needs we can suggest viable locations for composters, leaf moulds and water butts.
    • We actively encourage composting and leaf mould creation, and build and maintain compost areas for many of our customers.
    • This ultimately saves on travel pollution disposing of green waste or obtaining off-the-shelf products.
    • We try to compost as much of our waste ourselves and only use local recycling companies.
  • Machinery – Our machinery and vehicles are regularly serviced and kept in good order to maintain optimal efficiency.
  • Suppliers – We carefully select materials and suppliers to ensure the least environmental impact.
  • Wildlife – We will work with you to create an ecologically sound habitat to encourage wildlife havens.
    • Examples include wildflower turf, hedges & trees, water containers & ponds, and insect hotels.
  • Plants – We grow plants from seeds or using vegetative propagation wherever possible to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and travel.
  • Vegetables & Fruit – We can work with you to introduce vegetable patches, large or small, to reduce carbon footprint.

Our Aspirations

  • Our industry is conscious of its consumption of fossil fuels and we will continue to explore greener energy sources.
    • Integration of more battery-operated equipment and vehicles – cost of professional-level equipment, battery life and environmental impact of production & disposal of depleted batteries is currently a drawback.
    • Integration of other fuels such as hydrogen – currently, cost of production is high & adoption low, but water is the only product that is emitted from the exhaust!
  • Above all, we will continue to explore and implement newer sustainable landscaping solutions, such as:
    • Irrigation using water from showers and sinks, known as gray water.
    • The use of sustainably harvested wood-recycled-plastic composite timber.
    • Reduction of stormwater run-off through the use of bio-swales & rain gardens, and permeable paving materials.
    • Further adoption of renewable energy in the garden.

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Green Aspirations